Sunday, March 2, 2014

Grocery Store Entertainment

Just got home from the grocery store with the kidlets and this is how I feel.....

Don't get me wrong, It's not like I don't try to make it as seamless as possible.   I do all the tips and tricks that I've heard and read about such as:

  • Eat right before you go
  • Go first thing in the morning
  • Write your list in the order that the store is organized

But honestly there are times, even those things don't suffice.

So, as I was shopping, and keeping the kids distracted from all the yummy goodness the grocery stores are filled with, I noticed that my 9 year old got really into the trip.  (much more than usual)  She started playing a 'game' with where to find the things on our list.  It took a little longer to get through the store because she wanted to do it on her own, but what a fabulous learning tool!  It was totally worth it.

(My son on the other hand was busy eating the grapes... So much so that when we tried to pay for them he screamed so loud the manager let us have them for free.  Bonus!)

But anyway, this got me thinking what a great way to keep the older sibling entertained, engaged, and learning during our trip.  I decided to put together a little grocery store clue scavenger hunt so next time we go, she can be working on her 'list' while I am collecting our necessities.

Find the activity here:  Grocery Store Clues

Now remember this list is for older siblings, but you could easily modify it for a younger age by putting pictures of items they have to circle or the item itself and a checkbox when you pass it in the store.  My daughter loves mysteries and the clues help add a little adventure to her grocery trip.

Once the list is printed out give him/her a clipboard and a fun color pen and let them get busy.

And, if all else fails try to get dad to watch them and make a quick trip on your own!  :)

Have something that makes your trips easier?  Please let me know!

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