Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Burp Cloth Tutorial

I am right at the age where most of my friends are having babies on a regular basis.  Having two kidlets of my own (and another one on the way), I have discovered that something all moms (first time and 3rd time) need, is burp clothes.  In my experience you can never have enough.  Babies are a little handful of cute cuddles and not so cute liquids.  Thus my weekend project of cute burp clothes began.

Whoever said that little boy things can't be just as adorable as little girls things was sadly mistaken.  (Okay, Okay maybe that person was me so I stand corrected.)  This project inspired cuteness no matter what the gender.  I made these burp clothes for my friend who is having her baby in a couple weeks and it is a little boy.  Her nursery colors are white, grey, and green. I wanted to make her something that was cute, practical, and homemade.

Here is the finished present:

I decided on 3 personalized burp cloths and a cute taggie blanket.  Click here for a tutorial on how to make the taggie and keep on reading for the burp cloth tutorial.  I have also put in pictures for a closer look at the 3 individual designs.

*Note: I made 2 that have a curve to them around your neck when laying on your shoulder and one that is just a straight rectangle.  This is all about personal preference and I thought I would give my friend a variety.

About a yard of fabric of your choice
Sewing machine
Old towel (optional)

Step One:  Measure about 20 inches for the straight side of the burp cloth and a slight curve for the other side and cut.  I free handed it because the curve doesn't have to be exact.  Then use the first one as your pattern to cut out the other side.  Here is where you can be creative and pair whatever fabric designs and colors you wish.  Now I used an old towel to go in the middle of the burp cloth because I wanted to make it a little thicker and more absorbent.  This is optional.
Remember*  When cutting the other side make sure you measure with the right sides together otherwise when lining them up in the next step, they might be uneven.

Step Two:
I added a little bit of embellishment to this cloth and this step is also optional.  I thought it made it very personalized and would LOVE if I got something like this.  I cut out the letter of her newborn's first name and pinned and then top stitched it to the right side of the accent fabric.  You could make a heart or some cute circles too.

Step Three:
Line all three layers up and pin.  VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you put the two right sides together of the fabric you want on the outside of the cloth.  Then place the towel cut out on the bottom. (See pic below)  If these are placed wrong, when you turn it right side out after stitching, that yucky towel will be on the outside and your cute cloth will be sandwiched in the middle.

Step Four:  Now using your sewing machine stitch around the outside of the entire cloth leaving a small opening to turn it right side out.  Once your have stitched around the edges make sure to trim the corners and cut little triangles around the curves.  This will help it to lay flat and reduce the bulk.

Step Five:
Using the small opening turn your cloth right side out.

Step Six:
Time to close up that small opening.  (You can see the three layers in the picture.)  Here there are two options.  HINT:  Best practice is to iron the cloth to give that small opening a crease to stitch on but I opted out of that step here.
Option One: This is the option I choose.  Using a ladder stitch I hand stitched the opening closed with a needle and thread.
Option Two: Fold the opening under and top stitch around the entire burp cloth closing the opening.

Finished Products!!!

Have a cute burp cloth design you have made?  Please share below, I would love to see them!

Monday, March 10, 2014


So today is the first official day of spring break.  YIPPEEE!!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my day job but it exciting to think about having free time at home. 

I tend to be one of those people who over schedule and over plan my holidays.  This time I was forced to keep it open because Mr. Morning Sunshine had foot surgery.  The whole experience has been really humbling and eye opening.  

Sometimes I feel as if I am the only one helping out and doing things around the house....  This time I really am the only one because he can't walk and I realize how much my husband truly does contribute to our household.  I am very blessed to have him in my life.

While I have been super busy keeping up with the kids, the house, my husband, the dog, etc. I have found a few moments here and there to sneak away to my craft room and work on some projects.  I have made some adorable burp clothes for a good friend of mine and will put the tutorial in my next post.  I also made a trip to Joann's and got the fabric for the master bedroom curtains.  (Remember the bedroom I am slowly trying to refurbish?)

So on that note, here are a few quotes that I saw while browsing Pinterest that popped out at me.  


Remember to take time for yourself and love the people around you.  Happy Spring!!  :)

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