Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Sewing Project

Over the last few months I have been much more active on the sewing machine.  It is a joy that I didn't even realize I had.  Now, I am not an official sewing pro for sure... I'm more of a wing it as I go type of gal.  As I have been experimenting and trying new projects my daughter (9 yrs old) has been right by my side each step of the way asking how she can help and if I can teach her what I'm doing.

This past weekend I decided it was time to step back and let her complete her own sewing project. Good news is that she and I both survived with smiles on our faces.  She made an adorable little pillow out of some of our scrap fabric.  This was a great intro project and she is so proud (as she should be!)

Here is the How To Step by Step:

Supplies needed:
Fabric that can be cut into 15x15 for one side
Fabric that can be used in 5x5 squares for the other side
Sewing Machine

Step One: Measure and cut fabric.  You will need one square that is 15x15 and 9 squares that measure a little wider than 5x5.  

Step Two:
Lay the nine pieces right side up in rows.  You can make whatever design pattern you choose with the nine squares. We decided to alternate squares and create a checkered pattern, but feel free to use your creativity here.  You will first sew each of these little pieces together, one row at a time. Take the top right corner square and lay it on top of the top middle square right sides together.  It should look like this:

Stitch the edge of these two pieces together. 

Keep in mind, this was her very fist stitch on the sewing machine by herself.  She is super proud!!  

Step 3:  From here take the two pieces that are now attached and lay it right sides together with the 3rd piece on the top row.  Pin it and stitch together.  
*Make sure you stitch to the fabric edge that will be the middle piece.*  

Repeat this process for the other two rows.  When you have stitched them this is what you should have:

We then ironed the seams in opposite directions in order to help reduce the bulk when we attached the rows together.  

Step 4:  Now, just like we did with the squares, take the top row and lay it right sides together with the middle row, pin the edges, and stitch them together along one edge.  

Repeat this attaching the new stitched piece with the bottom row.  Remember to stitch and pin to the piece you want to be the middle.  This is what it should look like when you have completed this step:

Step 5:  You now have both sides of the pillow and are ready to stitch them together.  Keep it up you are almost there!!!  Lay right sides together, pin and stitch.  Remember to leave an opening as you stitch so you can turn it right side out and stuff the pillow.

Now as you can see in the picture one side has shrunken massively in this process.  (all of our seam allowances weren't exactly even)  Like I mentioned earlier this was my littles very first time to do ALL of these steps on her own.  I'm not gonna stress about the fact that the fabrics were a little off.  We trimmed the other side down and our problem was solved.

Step 6:
Now once it is stitched together, you will turn the pillowcase with right sides out and stuff.

Hand stitch the opening together and TA-DA, there you have a little pillow handmade in 6 easy steps.  Trust me if my nine year old can do it.... and I can have the patience to be there along side her the entire time teaching, you and your little can for sure give it a shot.  :)

Have a great starter sewing project or experience?  Let me know!  I would love to post it and share.  

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