Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hello.  I am Mrs Night Owl.  I work all day in education, I come home in the evening to my hubby and munchkins (my favorite part of the day!), and then once the house is quiet and on the weekends, my projects come to life.
Facts about me:
  • I am OCD about checking things off my To Do list. Yes, I am the type to add something to my list just so I can put a check mark by it.  Makes me feel productive in some way.
  • I am pregnant with baby 3 (and lately feeling more like Mrs. Night Sloth instead of Owl)
  • I LOVE projects!!
Two out of those three things are why I have decided to start this blog.  (You can pick which two) 

I want to chronicle my To Do list of projects. I hope for these projects (I use the term loosely) to range from home improvement, to relationship improvement and everything in between.  

I look forward to this journey of hearing and interacting with yall, as we share, discuss and display in our completed 'projects' or works in progess together.  

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